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Our winter wonderland by XxSasuNaruUchihaxX

I'm not good at this kinda thing so I'll try my best. I probably suck and not doing this right but this is how I feel. I really enjoy how well you kept Sasuke in character with his frown smile it fits well for the scene and for him as well. The forehead bump affection is just sooo them, always has been. It will never get old not matter how may times used!! <3 I loved how you made Sasuke's face and ear's less rosy than Naruto's. I couldn't see Sasuke getting as red. :D But I think my most favorite part is the scarf they are sharing. It's soo cute!! However, because the pose is used a lot I have to down the Originality. -Bows- I'm sorry. But I want you to know I love it soo soo much. <3 Thank You So So Much it means so much to me.
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